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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Winged Warbler Hybrids

 Brewster's Warbler

   The blue-winged and golden-winged warblers interbreed and produce beautiful offspring. The progeny of this mating is the Brewster's warbler. When the Brewster's mates with either blue-winged or golden-winged warbler, the Lawrence's is the result. Recently I completed seeing all members of this family with great views of the Brewster's warbler! That day all were present except the Lawrence's which is the rarest, but I had seen that one a few years back in my own neighborhood. The hybrids sing the songs of either parent, so you really need to see the bird to tell which warbler you're hearing.
blue-winged warbler

 golden-winged warbler (photo from webshots.com)
Lawrence's warbler

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The State of Craft - opening night

   Last night's State of Craft opening at the Bennington Museum was very well attended! It was a great celebration of crafts in Vermont, lots of the artists represented attended and we all enjoyed a potluck dinner (we were all asked to bring a dish) along with a pig roast (I didn't try the pig as my plate was loaded with everything else).
   Here I am standing next to my piece "She's Come Unraveled". To my right is Deidre Scherer's wonderful work. "Three Women and a Dog", which is thread on layered fabric. It's just exquisite.
   There are about 3 or 4 rooms, each with a different theme; 'living by making', 'inspirations' and 'communities and connections'. State of Craft is a multi-year collaborative initiative of the Vermont Crafts Council, Bennington Museum and Vermont Folklife Center to document, preserve, and interpret the history of the contemporary crafts movement in Vermont, 1960-present.If you're anywhere near southern Vermont, plan a trip to the Bennington Museum to see the show, you won't be disappointed!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The State Of Craft

   Opening this Saturday "The State of Craft", the major exhibition of the Bennington Museum’s 2010 season, will feature more than 125 objects by 86 Vermont craftspeople, including master artists, emerging artists, and key individuals throughout the more than fifty year time frame of the studio craft movement, c. 1960-2010. This history will be told in a series of vignettes spread throughout the museum’s temporary exhibition galleries based on the themes that have emerged from curatorial research and oral history interviews conducted by the Vermont Folklife Center. In addition, the exhibition will include audio tours, historical photographs and documents, and text describing each artist’s role in the larger cultural and social history of the studio craft movement. www.benningtonmuseum.org
   I was invited by the curator, Anne Majusiak to be a part of the exhibit and my piece "She's Come Unraveled" will be featured.This piece is 35" tall by 12" and woven out of black ash splint. I then drilled holes and sewed on hundreds of hooks & eyes, sewed stacks of beads to the top and bottom and coiled waxed linen around wire for the top. It took days and days and days to complete! It's my favorite piece!
I'll be going to the opening Saturday night and will post pictures of the event!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mt Auburn Cemetery

Four intrepid birders took a trip to the Mt Auburn Cemetery yesterday in Cambridge Mass, to see birds, especially warblers. Our highlights were Canada, northern parulas, Nashville, black-throated blues and greens and blackpoll warblers.
I love cemeteries! As kids, we always took a shortcut to school through a nearby cemetery with the hopes that the gate would be open at the other end, otherwise we'd have to go back.
Mt Auburn Cemetery consists of 175 acres, it was founded in 1831 as America's first landscaped or garden cemetery. It's gorgeous, a great place to bird or just walk around.

We went up to the top of Washington Tower where there are great 360 degree views. Here's looking towards Boston.

It was hard to take a good picture of most birds as they flitted in and out of the trees but this red-tailed hawk was being harassed by blue jays after just catching a gray squirrel. We spotted a nest with at least one young in it.

Here's a mallard with her 7 ducklings.

Tons of flowering trees and shrubs!

and sculpture! There's 30,000 monuments here.