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Monday, December 13, 2010

Three Weeks!

  Merry and Pippin have been here for 3 weeks and they've adjusted really well! For the first few days they wouldn't leave my side, I'd go upstairs followed by the little troopers, up and down, all day long. Gradually they became more comfortable and would be in one room while I was elsewhere.

    Merry really loves to play with a ball, not a stuffed hedgehog or a squirrel, only a ball and preferably a felt or soft rubber one. Pippin doesn't care for that but he enjoys running after Merry as she chases the ball.

   Snickers is very happy he doesn't have to share his toys!

   They all LOVE being outdoors exploring the woods. They go for a run in the morning and a hike in the afternoon. 

   Life is good in Vermont!