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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Red Fox and Cat

    I was upstairs in my sewing room, near the window, when I saw movement and something big and red out of the corner of my eye. Looking down towards the yard, I saw a red fox by the dog house. Then he jumped onto the roof. I ran out of the room, flew downstairs and grabbed my camera. Looking out the kitchen window, I took this picture.

   He's standing on the roof of our large dog house (it's large in size and we had 4 large sized dogs when Gerry built it). And yes, they have a deck. Back to the fox.........

   I noticed he was looking at something. That's when I saw the neighbor's cat. So the cat chased the fox and now there was a stand-off. Shouldn't it have been the other way around?!

   Trying to get an even better shot, I opened the door to go outside. Needless to say, the cat took off in one direction and the fox in another. I'm not sure what would have happened, but that's one brave cat!


  1. this is really wonderful!
    what a gorgeous red fox
    so glad YOU were so quick
    great images,

    xox - eb.

  2. That fox looks scary to me... must have been the same to cat as well. Your pics remind me of the story of the little red riding hood. Great work!

  3. What a stand off! Wonder who would have won? Or would they have tired and gone their separate ways as they did anyway? Glad you were so quick with your camera!

  4. Fantastic encounter, JoAnne, and great images! You could build a story around that, a big red fox and a little cat!