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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Common Eiders at Cape Ann

Common Eider - male

     I usually don't get very good pictures of the birds I see on my birding outings. One reason is that I only have a Canon point and shoot. The delay in depressing the button to the time the shutter reacts is long enough to result in the object of my desire either leaving the scene, diving or turning around. They don't  pose like movie stars wanting to put their best face forward. But on this trip to Cape Ann in Massachusetts, I managed to get some good shots of common eiders and a few others.

Common Eider - male and female
     The second reason I don't get good pictures, is that I forget to take any. I get so caught up in just watching the bird that I forget I even brought the camera along.       

female eider and male Red-breasted Merganser

   The eiders were pretty close to the shore which certainly aided in getting nice shots. There were lots of red-breasted mergansers too.

Harlequin Ducks - males

   We also saw the about 200 Harlequin ducks at various locations along Cape Ann's coast. It was a great day of birding!!